Chello. My name is Benji, and some may know me as Chuman. I love corgis, roleplaying cats, homestuck, adventure time, mlp, pokemon, ghosts, madoka magica, feminist stuffs, trans stuffs, and many, many other things. There will be NSFW stuffs. 22/queer with male pronouns/panromantic/gray asexual/poly <3 I'd love to talk with anyone. My skype is projection8animus.  

❝ aradiia ii would liike two apologiize, ii flew off the handle there. iit wa2 liike the handle wa2 a bald guy goiing really fa2t, and ii wa2 hii2 twoupee. ❞

- TA (Homestuck)

x handle x flew x off x it x like gone x
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